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Melissa A. Bruntlett, CPA, CHFP, MBA, MPH, FHFMA, Founder of Pinnacle Medical Financial Consultants, has over 30 years of experience working with hospitals and independent medical practices.  She understands the unique challenges medical facilities and their physicians face in the healthcare industry. Bruntlett is able to create an effective, focused strategy. Her financial services utilize her direct expertise in healthcare finance, revenue cycle, and management. Pinnacle coordinates directly with clinics to customize a financial plan to fit each client’s goals.  She is committed to providing the highest level of expertise to further quality healthcare in all areas of the industry.  Pinnacle’s financial services deliver assistance to hospitals and clinics of rural areas who need the best executive leadership.

If you are seeking healthcare financial consulting for your medical practice in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, or Tennessee, please contact us today.

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