Have More Freedom with Your Money

Small improvements and a second opinion on your finances can go a long way for the outcomes of your practice. Every medical business is unique in its financial position.

Very few medical business owners or practitioners have the luxury to be able to efficiently handle administrative duties, their personal finances, and their patients. When you work with our team, look forward to the possibilities you and your medical business can have when you really optimize your revenue.

Let’s Achieve Outcomes of Success by Working Together

With Pinnacle, you are hiring financial consultants who look forward to collaborating with your team. Not every financial consultant works so closely with their clients during strategy meetings and the financial planning process. We offer all of our clients customized service and a flexible schedule — regardless of the size or healthcare you provide. At Pinnacle, we work to create a deep and meaningful partnership that is intended to last for years.

If you are seeking financial consulting for your medical practice in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, or Tennessee, please contact us today.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

"As a physician and business owner in a profession that is constantly demanding more skills in the business, electronic, tax and health management field, these new demands for which I was never trained have been my biggest challenge in running our practice. In twenty years, these ever-increasing mandates have avalanched our way, crippling us.

Not only is it difficult to find individuals who possess the broad skill set to help us face these challenges, but finding a person who truly takes the clinic's matters into their own hands is an even rarer occurrence. Pinnacle's skills in doing this have allowed our clinic to focus more on what is important to us: our patients."

Nicole M. Jennings, M.D.

Frix - Jennings Clinic

Henderson, TN 38340