Special Projects

One of the benefits of hiring a Special Projects professional is that this particular position is not limited to performing just one duty at your practice. Melissa A. Bruntlett CPA, CHFP, MBA, MPH, FHFMA, the CEO, and consultant from Pinnacle will organize, lead, and help execute various projects. These projects may fall outside the scope of regular duties for some of your team members.

Whether your medical business is looking to solve a tough financial problem, brainstorm a new strategy, or expand your practice, Pinnacle will provide you with a thoughtful and practical solution.

Melissa A. Bruntlett, CPA, CHFP, MBA, MPH, FHFMA has over 35 years of working with medical businesses around the Southeast. She understands how versatile you need to be in order to offer Special Project services. As a certified and knowledgeable consultant, Bruntlett is ready to collaborate with you so you can scale your practice appropriately. Take your medical clinic from simply existing to flourishing.

Special Project Services:

  • Debt Financing Strategy, such as Renegotiating, and Maturity Reviews
  • Evaluate and Establish Clinic Collections Processes
  • Evaluate Outside Collections Company Contracts
  • Review Third Party Payor Insurance Contracts
  • Provider Productivity Reviews
  • Provider Medical Industry Bell Curve Reviews
  • Payor Reimbursement Reviews
  • Practice Assessment and Operational Improvement
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • Service Line Profitability

    If you would like to learn more about what Pinnacle's Part Time Controller Services include in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee, contact Melissa A. Bruntlett, CPA, CHFP, MBA, MPH, FHFMA today! Pinnacle looks forward to helping you and your medical business grow.